Locket's Meadow is a farm animal rescue and sanctuary in Bethany, CT. We began saving PMU foals in 2002, rescued from the Premarin industry, and eventually welcomed horses from other slaughter, abuse and neglect situations. Over the years hundreds of horses have passed through our farm on their way to adoptive homes. Some have stayed and become lesson horses in our programs while others are used for therapy, both mounted and on the ground. Some are unable to work and we offer them retirement, and give the equivalent of Hospice care when the time comes. All are loved as members of our family, as are all the other animals on our farm, from pigs and sheep to goats and roosters. 

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Locket's Meadow is a 15-acre animal rescue and sanctuary in Bethany, CT that is home to approximately 140 animals rescued from slaughter, abuse, and neglect situations.

Lockets Meadow Farm is an animal rescue and sanctuary in Bethany, Connecticut.

Over the years the farm has saved hundreds of horses, dozens of sheep, goats, hens, roosters (many from the cock fights,) dogs, cats, veal calves and more. Long before the world went wild over Esther the Wonder Pig, Locket’s Meadow farm had Ozzie Osboar, who weighed about 400 pounds and followed Kathleen everywhere. Pig Petunia Buttercup, at 550 pounds, still sleeps in the kitchen every night.

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