Goat Yoga at Locket'S Meadow!

Stretch and pose with our sweet babies (and some small adult Nigerian dwarf goats, as well) and learn what the goat hype is about! Depending on their moods, a small pig and a lamb or two may show up, as well. How are we different from the other yoga places? First, our goats are our pets, and many of them are rescues. They will always be here so feel free to fall in love! Second, all funds from our programs go directly to support the rescued animals of Locket's Meadow, as well as to help fund our programs for special needs individuals. Every penny. Goat yoga at Locket's Meadow is not just exercise, it's an event. Visit our farm stand for fresh produce from Bodhichitta Farm or try one of our Locket's Meadow muffins and relax at the tables in the woods . . . Breathe deeply and know you are doing good for yourself and the animals! Yoga times are 9am, 10:15am and 11:30am. Only $10 for our grand first day event! (Please bring your own yoga mat!)

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