Kathleen Schurman is a medium, animal communicator and healer. All proceeds from Kathleen's work go directly towards the care and maintenance of the animals on Locket's Meadow. A reading with Kathleen can include communicating with angels, human spirits, animal spirits, living animals . . . anything of spirit is within her abilities. She also is able, with the help of her guides, to retrace past lives without the use of hypnosis. She also is a gifted healer, channeling energy from a group of Native American medicine women. She has had great success in areas where traditional medicine has failed, including female infertility, back pain, intestinal problems, chronic Lyme disease, and lessening the side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. Because Kathleen believes physical healing should be available to all regardless of their income, donations are flexible. Please email for information

Medium and Animal Communication Session

A regular one hour reading is $100.
Healing and reading combination (hour and a half) is $150.

Spirit Circles are open to the public. They are limited to 10 participants, each of whom will receive at least one message from the other side, whether it be from a human spirit, animal spirit, angel or higher being (gargoyles and leprechauns have made appearances . . . anything is possible!)  These circles are on the first and third Thursdays of each month for as long as “weather” allows; winters up here are harsh and we will announce the end of the circle season once the snow becomes overwhelming. Reservations required and can be made on the Facebook page. $20