Social Distancing and the Stresses of Work and Life Got You Down?

Stresses of Work & Life

sheepSocial distancing and the stresses of work and life got you down? Need something to put a smile on your face or the faces of your colleagues and friends? Want a quick pick-me-up that also benefits a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary? We’ve got the solution!

Now offering Virtual Meetings and Tours with the rescued animals of Locket’s Meadow Farm Sanctuary! Sign up! Learn, and have some fun!

Virtual Private Tour for either horse side or farm animal side for up to 5 people. 20min. $90.00

Virtual Happy Hour Cameo for up to 5 people. 10min. $40.00.

Virtual 1-on-1 “Speed Date” – gift for yourself to get to spend time with and ask questions about your favorite animal or prank a friend! 15min. $50.00.

Corporate Meeting Cameo unlimited guests. 10min. $85.00.

Corporate Meeting Virtual Tour for either horse side or farm animal side for unlimited guests. 20min. $175.00.

Speed date and cameos can select from: horse, calf (cow), goat, sheep, pig, donkey, or llama! Schedule your meeting today!